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Pure Modern on Sale

Pure Modern is a site that I’ve browsed but never bought from. Given these items on (pretty excellent) sale at the moment… that may change. While the other three objects might be outside of what could be defined as needs, we have been in the market for a camping shovel as it is. Besides the […]

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Fish Tacos

Summer weather of the unbearable sort finally arrived last weekend to the Twin Cities and left me craving light, fresh flavors. Hence, fish tacos! Here’s the recipe if you are so inclined. Fish: Filet of a fish of your choice; our’s was cod Flour A few eggs 1 cup cornmeal A handful of parsley, minced […]

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Can’t put my finger on it

Sometimes Most of the time I have a hard time describing what we, or maybe better said what I, do here at Tom does a lot of food (beer, and wine, and all of food’s other friends), and sometimes I share in that, but I also like to include a variety of other things. […]


Adam Turman’s Bikes

I just got a new bike. I am enjoying riding all over Minneapolis. I’m enjoying it so much I even folded up the bike to take it home to Michigan for a ride or two. Related to that enthusiasm, I’ve thinking about purchasing one of the many bicycle related prints of Adam Turman, a Minneapolis […]

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Crane’s Pie and Fenn Valley Wine

This past Thursday I headed to Fenn Valley Winery with parents to sample a few Michigan wines on my last day there. While waiting for the Tasting Room at Fenn Valley to open (11 a.m. Eastern, sharp), we stopped for a slice of pie at Crane’s restaurant. They sell frozen pies at their counter and […]


Midtown Farmers’ Market: Week 15–Rainy Market

Upon arriving at the Midtown Farmers’ Market this morning, I was confused: there were cars where the market should be and a market where the cars usually park! This weekend, they were having a big resource fair for Latina families living in the area, and needed the extra space for extra tents. I eventually got […]

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Refrigerator Pickles

The abundance of the summer season can be quite exciting, but also daunting. I try my best to make a plan each week after my trip to the farmers’ market about what I am going to do with all my produce, but given the quantities sold at the farmers’ market and life rearing its ugly […]


The Summertime Market of Douglas, MI–Local on the Road

Finishing up a visit to Saugatuck, Michigan (on Lake Michigan about 130 miles north of Chicago), my favorite find has to be The Summertime Market. Driving back home from downtown Saugatuck on our last day here, and hoping to spot some sort of farm stand selling lettuces, we stumbled upon their little store. If you’re ever […]

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Homemade Sport Drink from the NYT–Would you do it?

Could a Vitamin Water lover and homemade food and drink lover bring himself to make his own “vitamin” water? Maybe. Maybe not. Has anyone tried the homemade sport drink recipe from Tuesday’s Well section of the New York Times? For me, looking at this recipe just makes me want to make lemonade instead. Then again, […]

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Crispin Cider at The Four Firkins

On Friday night I headed down to The Four Firkins for a tasting of Crispin cider. There seems to be a lot of hype surrounding Crispin right now, at the very least on the Internet. With Joe Heron the CEO in the house pouring and talking about his cider, it seemed like a good time […]


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