Can’t put my finger on it

Sometimes Most of the time I have a hard time describing what we, or maybe better said what I, do here at Tom does a lot of food (beer, and wine, and all of food’s other friends), and sometimes I share in that, but I also like to include a variety of other things. I liked what I saw this morning on Jeana Sohn’s blog. Simple, but not at all limiting:

i’m an artist living in los angeles, CA. i like taking pictures of my daily life and writing about beautiful things.


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2 comments on “Can’t put my finger on it”

  1. Crystal @ Cafe Cyan 10 August, 2009 at 9:30 am

    I’m with ya…I dislike labels and I feel like I change so much that it’s hard to completely describe myself! I find myself reading other people’s profiles and thinking “oooh, gotta use that line!”