Adam Turman’s Bikes

I just got a new bike. I am enjoying riding all over Minneapolis. I’m enjoying it so much I even folded up the bike to take it home to Michigan for a ride or two. Related to that enthusiasm, I’ve thinking about purchasing one of the many bicycle related prints of Adam Turman, a Minneapolis illustrator, designer, and screenprinter.

When we first arrived in Minneapolis in February of 2008, one of our welcome presents from Marcela was a postcard of this print, of which Julia owns a screen printed poster. Like this one, much of his work highlights Minneapolis the city. Evidenced above, this is clearly a man who loves bikes and Minneapolis. While not a native, I love Minneapolis. I love my bike and enjoy prints. It all makes sense…. now which one?

Adam uses PayPal on his site and sells his work at shows around Minneapolis. These prints (though the last is sold out) range from $10 to $30. We discovered on a recent trip to the Four Firkins that he makes an exclusive print for them, too.

See more of Adam’s work at or check out Adam’s blog. Images, Adam Turman

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One comment on “Adam Turman’s Bikes”

  1. Petergaye Kisielewicz/yahgie 14 August, 2009 at 8:37 am

    I love all these prints.Soooo! cute. Thanks for sharing.

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