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Vote No, Minnesota

I decided to play a game on my morning walk of hunting the word “NO” in spirit of tomorrow’s elections in Minnesota. I found 8 differently type-set “N-O”s. Obviously, I’ve included just six here because even numbers are better and multiples of three are best. You can see them all on Instagram (we’re username marthaandtom). Now […]


Slow writing

In January, I shared my newly formed walking habit with you and wondered what the next habit might be, and how else I might improve my morning routine. I wondered especially–whatever I was going to tackle next–if it would stick. A second habit didn’t build right away, though I made attempts, ranging from mindfulness meditation […]


Happy Birthday Tom

This time last year  we’d just gotten married and returned from our honeymoon to Portland, Oregon. A few days after our return to Minneapolis, Tom ran his first marathon. This weekend we had a great time spectating the marathon by bike, enjoying the warm weather and the fall colors lining the city streets. Tom rounded off Sunday by bottling […]


A Very Happy Anniversary

Tom and I said “I do.” one year ago today. If a picture is worth a thousand words, I need not write any more. Our thanks to all who helped make this day so special, and to all who traveled to be with us in Michigan last September. Wedding photography by Kara Purtell, final photos by […]


feeding on marthaandtom dot com

Regarding syndication: Many of you already follow by RSS using our “subscribe” link to the site’s feed at the top of the page. If that’s you, thanks for reading! We love to hear from new readers and to see the subscriptions grow. Tom and I have also been using Twitter for a while (, but we […]


Can’t put my finger on it

Sometimes Most of the time I have a hard time describing what we, or maybe better said what I, do here at Tom does a lot of food (beer, and wine, and all of food’s other friends), and sometimes I share in that, but I also like to include a variety of other things. […]