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Slow writing

In January, I shared my newly formed walking habit with you and wondered what the next habit might be, and how else I might improve my morning routine. I wondered especially–whatever I was going to tackle next–if it would stick. A second habit didn’t build right away, though I made attempts, ranging from mindfulness meditation […]


Can’t put my finger on it

Sometimes Most of the time I have a hard time describing what we, or maybe better said what I, do here at Tom does a lot of food (beer, and wine, and all of food’s other friends), and sometimes I share in that, but I also like to include a variety of other things. […]


Travel Journals from Vickerey

My mom has loved Clairefontaine papers and journals ever since my oldest sister lived in Montclair, NJ (we’re talking 1998-ish) where there is (was?) a small stationery shop that carried the brand. So, to help my parents remember a hiking vacation to Hawaii a couple of Christmases ago, I gifted her one of these travel […]

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