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picnic grilling for small spaces

What’s small, bright, and makes all of our picnic dreams come true? Indeed, a tiny grill from Bodum. We’ve been hunting a round, portable, lidded grill for a while now and this just might be the one. Tom and I have narrowed it down to yellow, but the FYRKAT¬†Picnic Charcoal Grill also comes in green, […]


Pure Modern on Sale

Pure Modern is a site that I’ve browsed but never bought from. Given these items on (pretty excellent) sale at the moment… that may change. While the other three objects might be outside of what could be defined as needs, we have been in the market for a camping shovel as it is. Besides the […]

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Campfire Chicken

Cooking in a modern kitchen is all about control: I have implements for cutting food into pieces of exacting dimensions; I can measure volume and mass; ¬†I apply precise amounts of heat to pans that have been engineered to have efficient and predictable conductivity. Sous vide and molecular gastronomy take control to the extreme. As […]

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It’s already summer at

Living in a city with an IKEA (as opposed to the nearest one being 2 [2006-08] or 6 hours away [2005]) can be dangerous. I may or may not have been there twice in the last 14 days. I didn’t see any of these items when I was there last week… so they must be […]

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