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kitchen peg board painted bright green with utensils hanging

Kitchen Peg Board

Behold. The kitchen peg board. I’ve been interested in mounting a peg board in the kitchen for a while (my Reader archive, soon to go up in smoke, tells me I started bookmarking them in 2009). As with most projects, my motivation came from a problem I was aiming to solve. We have only 3 drawers in our kitchen: […]


How to Raise your Shelf-Esteem

Welcome to the adventures of shelf install in the kitchen! This post was almost titled “How to break an easy, no-explanation-necessary project down into several illustrated steps.” As you can see I’m not very good at taking actual [right] before pictures. The above left image of the sink is almost 4 years old (I can’t […]


Emmo Home

The night before last I was looking for a source for the Alessi juicer by Philippe Starck (below left) after recognizing it in one of the scenes in Food, Inc. The juicer appeared in the kitchen of Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation, and I was curious about how much it cost (answer, $90). […]


IKEA’s Frösta Stool, Revised

I’ve read a lot about “IKEA hacks” online but I’ve never attempted one myself. In fact, it’s probably still true that I still haven’t. I had help (the hands you see in the pictures below are my friend Rod’s), and it was more of a careful edit than a hack. Last month I came home with […]


When new is worse than old.

I take pictures of the apartment periodically, usually because I’m planning on blogging about something and sometimes because I’d like to share the space via email or my Picasa gallery. Every so often, I go through these photos. What I enjoy about them is that they become this archive of our apartment… what it looked […]


It’s already summer at

Living in a city with an IKEA (as opposed to the nearest one being 2 [2006-08] or 6 hours away [2005]) can be dangerous. I may or may not have been there twice in the last 14 days. I didn’t see any of these items when I was there last week… so they must be […]

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Collapsible Baskets by Reisenthel–Update &c.

I forgot to mention (as Sue pointed out in her comment), that Reisenthel baskets make great gifts. More than just gifts, they make great gift baskets. For example, here’s a photo from Tom’s birthday present from a couple of years ago. If you look closely at the contents, you’ll notice this basket is how Tom […]

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NYT – “Trashing the Fridge”

In the Home & Garden section of this week’s New York Times, there’s a short article about people who’ve decided to get rid of their refrigerators. For some this means switching to a freezer-only or a mini fridge in lieu of the “normal” giant American fridge, so they’re not totally giving up cooling food. Still, it […]

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Enamelware finds

A friend recently asked me how I choose items for the apartment. I didn’t have a very good answer–and I still don’t, but part of one is this: As most people are with clothing, etc. I am drawn to certain brands and more broadly to certain countries’ aesthetics. After making a mental list, I realize […]