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Unofficially Bike Week

In addition to making food so good that people everywhere request that I end our relationship so that he might be available, Tom commutes by bike five days a week to North Minneapolis (~3 miles) rain, shine, or snowstorm. We moved to the city in 2008 and in all that time Tom’s been riding a […]


Hang your bike–for less…

While checking out this NYTime’s Interactive on Wednesday, part of their “Shopping with [fillintheblank]” series in the Home & Garden section, this bike rack really jumped out at me. It’s slim, it’s good looking, and it’s $13 on Amazon. We’ve talked about hanging bikes in small spaces before, but this one takes the cake at […]

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Getting Ready to Paint the Living Room

Finally. Ready. To. Paint. (!)


Updating Apt. 203… a New Shower Curtain

When I painted our bathroom orange last summer we purchased a new shower curtain at IKEA for $8, pictured below center. I wanted something brighter than the brown one we’d been using from Tom’s old apartment (you can see this partially below) to match the crazy brightness of the walls I’d created. Perhaps too crazy…? I […]


When new is worse than old.

I take pictures of the apartment periodically, usually because I’m planning on blogging about something and sometimes because I’d like to share the space via email or my Picasa gallery. Every so often, I go through these photos. What I enjoy about them is that they become this archive of our apartment… what it looked […]


Small Apartment? Hang your Bike.

We keep our bikes in the basement… but I wish we had two of these. CYCLOC Bicycle Storage, $135 at Design Public and available in three four excellent colors. *Image source: Design Public


Enamelware finds

A friend recently asked me how I choose items for the apartment. I didn’t have a very good answer–and I still don’t, but part of one is this: As most people are with clothing, etc. I am drawn to certain brands and more broadly to certain countries’ aesthetics. After making a mental list, I realize […]