When new is worse than old.

I take pictures of the apartment periodically, usually because I’m planning on blogging about something and sometimes because I’d like to share the space via email or my Picasa gallery. Every so often, I go through these photos. What I enjoy about them is that they become this archive of our apartment… what it looked like before I got rid of my sister’s desk, what the wall looked like without such-and-such picture hanging there, etc.

This is a shot of our sink when we first moved in. Totally pristine.


Today I took down something I’d hung (I use the word hung loosely… in this case there was packing tape involved) in the kitchen and breathed a sigh of relief. Yes. It DID look better without that there. Tom’s take? “No comment.” This time, I could take it. I agreed.

A picture of the rice sack-like hanging in place…

Sink with "My Cup of Tea" hanging

Now for the sigh of relief…

Sink without hanging

As for the pot rack? So far I’m not looking back on that one. Hopefully I’ll have more to share about the sink soon… it was recently featured on Apartment Therapy Boston’s “Good Questions” as I’m working on a sink skirt and needed some advice. You’ll hear about it as soon as I find some suitable fabric!


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2 comments on “When new is worse than old.”

  1. Ryan 13 April, 2009 at 9:02 pm

    Wow really that is your sink? OH MAN ITS SO TINY AND SMALL!

  2. Martha 14 April, 2009 at 6:55 am

    Yes it is tiny! Mostly it’s very very low so that if you don’t wear an apron it will splash water all over you while doing the dishes.

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