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Living in a city with an IKEA (as opposed to the nearest one being 2 [2006-08] or 6 hours away [2005]) can be dangerous. I may or may not have been there twice in the last 14 days. I didn’t see any of these items when I was there last week… so they must be just coming in to stores. It’s about time they got some new napkin patterns!

Solig napkins in assorted colors, 50 pack $1.99

Solig paper napkins, $0.99–$1.99


Dyning hammock, assorted colors $29.99

Dyning hammock in assorted colors, $29.99

I’m interested to see what the Dyning hammock is like in person. For its price, it would be lovely if it were light and squished up small so as to be camping-friendly.

And the trays! There are several new trays also part of the Solig line; the price is right too. We have one tray at home with a great black and white striped pattern, a gift from Sarah, that makes for fun food presentation. Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad to have a couple more?

Solig trays in various colors + sizes, $1.49–$8.99

Solig trays: Left, $7.99; Right, $4.99 each

Lastly, I almost forgot, there are new bags. I still like my ’05 beach bag best… mostly because it was purchased at IKEA Florence and because it’s just generally awesome, but these are pretty great patterns too. Below are the Solig gardening bags in three colors at $2.49 each and the new Solig beach bags at $1.49 each. This is why IKEA=Love.

Garden & Beach Bags, $2.49 and $1.49 each

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**Update: If you’d like to see the catalog pages check out AT’s “sneak peek” of the summer line.

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  1. Tom 8 March, 2009 at 4:32 pm

    I bet that hammock would be quite nice to lay in while I am off sawing wood

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