Our Picnic Kit

  In between the hot days and the rainy days, there have been a few just-right evenings in Minneapolis lately and Tom and I have taken advantage by heading out for picnics. Whether at the lake or in our neighborhood park, there are a few things we almost always have along. Our reusable plastic plates […]


picnic grilling for small spaces

What’s small, bright, and makes all of our picnic dreams come true? Indeed, a tiny grill from Bodum. We’ve been hunting a round, portable, lidded grill for a while now and this just might be the one. Tom and I have narrowed it down to yellow, but the FYRKAT Picnic Charcoal Grill also comes in green, […]


Campfire Chicken

Cooking in a modern kitchen is all about control: I have implements for cutting food into pieces of exacting dimensions; I can measure volume and mass;  I apply precise amounts of heat to pans that have been engineered to have efficient and predictable conductivity. Sous vide and molecular gastronomy take control to the extreme. As […]

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The (real) First Picnic of the Year

At the risk of being un-of the moment, I’d like to share some pictures from our February weekend in Duluth, MN. Allow me to set the record straight… this was the site of our first first picnic, attempted on the shores of Lake Superior and finished with gloved hands inside of a state park shelter with […]

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First Picnic of the Year

The first picnic of the year, a little early as always.


Collapsible Baskets by Reisenthel–Update &c.

I forgot to mention (as Sue pointed out in her comment), that Reisenthel baskets make great gifts. More than just gifts, they make great gift baskets. For example, here’s a photo from Tom’s birthday present from a couple of years ago. If you look closely at the contents, you’ll notice this basket is how Tom […]

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Collapsible Baskets by Reisenthel

I’ve talked before about trying to do good for the Earth. Maybe “Trashing the Fridge” is a bit extreme, so here’s something you are probably doing already: carrying reusable bags to your localorganicsustainable grocer. I’m big on reusable bags (as mentioned in the above post). Sometimes canvas totes, sometimes IKEA beach bags, sometimes nylon bags […]