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Our Picnic Kit

  In between the hot days and the rainy days, there have been a few just-right evenings in Minneapolis lately and Tom and I have taken advantage by heading out for picnics. Whether at the lake or in our neighborhood park, there are a few things we almost always have along. Our reusable plastic plates […]


Mise en Place for Amelia Bedelia

I mentioned in one of my more recent posts that I’ve come a long way in the past couple of years with the help of a couple of cookbooks and someone named Tom. You can tell from our postings (I think) that my core of inspiration centers not around dinnertime but around the dinner table, […]


Gourmet Meals in Minutes

I’m trying to decide what to make for the week and I’m in my usual bouncing around cookbooks I’m comfortable with. One of these is the CIA’s Gourmet Meals in Minutes. It occurred to me that I ought to share a little about this book with you because of how much I enjoy using it […]