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Pure Modern is a site that I’ve browsed but never bought from. Given these items on (pretty excellent) sale at the moment… that may change. While the other three objects might be outside of what could be defined as needs, we have been in the market for a camping shovel as it is. Besides the shovel, I’m eyeing these two radios, more so the Tykho, and the low-low price on Reistenthal’s Mini-Maxi Shopper. I wonder if others remember when the Tykho rubber radio was first released in the year 2000? I was 15 and remember it pretty clearly; it graced the cover of our copy of TIME that spring. Nine years later, if you’ve ever thought of getting one, jump on this. Now a part of the MoMA design collection, the Tykho hasn’t really dropped in price since its introduction in 2000. Other sites price the rubber radio from 50 to 100 dollars. I don’t know about you, but of the choice between pink or grey (unless you’re willing to pay the big bucks), I’d opt for the latter.

Halo Plug-in Radio, $21.50Tykho AM-FM Radio, $33.50

Camping Multi-Tool, $13.25Reisenthal Mini Maxi Reusable Shopping Bag, $2.75

I may just have to pick up multiple Mini Maxi’s in order to be able to gift them to you all come December. Get ready to kick your plastic habit.

Lime Plug-in FM Radio, $21.50; Tykho AM-FM Radio, $33.50; Camping Multi-Tool, $13.25; Reisenthal Mini Maxi Shopper, $2.75. Images,

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One comment on “Pure Modern on Sale”

  1. Martha 3 September, 2009 at 2:08 pm

    Indecision got to me. And now, the grey radio is out of stock. Pink is still available, though.