Terrine Dreams

Food can be used to affect travel, but food also has a big affect on traveling. Perhaps you’ve had the experience – the best glass of white wine you ever had at a picnic in Cinque Terre, that amazing ceviche on the beach in Mexico, the ta’amiya sandwich you spent three hours hunting down through […]


Going Places with Food

Eating local food when it is in season – elitist though it may be – is a good trend for food in America, one that I hope has more staying power than most foodie fads. To that end, I try my best to try to promote that style of eating, on this blog and in […]


Adams, Minnesota

Happy 3-week anniversary, Hailey & Dave!


Tapas for Dinner

One of the greatest pleasures the table offers is a leisurely couple of hours spent snacking over wine: embracing the Spanish concept picar – just a nibble here and there. For something so delicious and satisfying, a dinner of tapas is also easy to prepare: we already had a chorizo in the fridge from Olympic Provisions in […]

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Welcome to Portland


Empanadas de Pipián

When I travel – which happens far too infrequently for my taste – I focus on the food. That’s probably not surprising. The problem with falling in love with the food of a place that, due to a lack of funds or time I won’t be visiting again in the near future, is the cravings. […]


Midsommar at Bide-A-Wee

Tom and I spent last Sunday welcoming the Solstice with our friends Brett and Mary, a few of their Wisconsin neighbors, and a handful of others who made the trek from Minneapolis/St. Paul. It was a beautiful day… We contributed this salad of cauliflower, mint, carrots, &c. with market produce inspired by a Black Sheep […]

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“OH MY GOD, A MOREL!” I cried, after having given up the search and nearly abandoning the woods. Tom, a more seasoned mushroomer, hissed for me to, “Keep it down.” While it’s likely obvious, I have only been out looking for mushrooms, or mushrooming, once before (twice if you count our hike in Muir Woods outside San […]


Eating & Drinking, San Francisco

Tom and I returned from a long weekend in San Francisco on Monday evening. Guided by Tom’s brother Mike and a rented PT Cruiser (never even consider buying or renting this car by the way… it will only confuse you!), we walked the Mission, Upper and Lower Haight, and a drove through several other neighborhoods. […]

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Croquetas Two Ways

When it comes to Spanish bar food, I don’t need much more than a plate full of jamón serrano to accompany a few cañas of beer. But for Martha, there is no better tapa than the croqueta: a deep fried little log of gooey delight (beer doesn’t hurt here either). Always looking for ways to […]


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