Friday, Flip Clocks

Happy Friday, friends! Checking out sales this morning I found Emmo Home has NexTime’s flip clock on sale, and I thought I’d share, though it’s still a bit $$$. No longer $200, it’s now $138. In the meantime, a cheaper [read:free] flip clock can be found here. Besides the flipping sound’s general appeal, flip clocks remind me […]

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Hanging Planters on Sale

I’m thinking of taking advantage of this end-of-summer sale at Chiasso to get a hanging planter for our dining room. At half their original price, this is a deal I thought I’d share. Not all hanging pots are meant to be used inside, so I was most excited to find these planters are indoor-friendly. I’m […]

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Hang your bike–for less…

While checking out this NYTime’s Interactive on Wednesday, part of their “Shopping with [fillintheblank]” series in the Home & Garden section, this bike rack really jumped out at me. It’s slim, it’s good looking, and it’s $13 on Amazon. We’ve talked about hanging bikes in small spaces before, but this one takes the cake at […]

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I think I want this

Image, Canoe. You can shop Canoe, too.

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Pure Modern on Sale

Pure Modern is a site that I’ve browsed but never bought from. Given these items on (pretty excellent) sale at the moment… that may change. While the other three objects might be outside of what could be defined as needs, we have been in the market for a camping shovel as it is. Besides the […]

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Kennedy Prints! A Letterpress Printery

After following a link in a tweet from SimpleScott to the Post Family’s home page, I found a link to the website of Kennedy Prints, self titled “A Letterpress Printery.” Here are a few of my favorites. In explanation of the first which bears the quotation, “It is the duty of children to wait on […]

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Travel Journals from Vickerey

My mom has loved Clairefontaine papers and journals ever since my oldest sister lived in Montclair, NJ (we’re talking 1998-ish) where there is (was?) a small stationery shop that carried the brand. So, to help my parents remember a hiking vacation to Hawaii a couple of Christmases ago, I gifted her one of these travel […]

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Emmo Home

The night before last I was looking for a source for the Alessi juicer by Philippe Starck (below left) after recognizing it in one of the scenes in Food, Inc. The juicer appeared in the kitchen of Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation, and I was curious about how much it cost (answer, $90). […]


Summer Cocktails, contained

If you haven’t seen it already, read the New York Times “Refreshing by Definition” on the essentials of summer cocktails. Lots of our favorites are there: mint, basil, lemons and limes, cola (specifically Coca-Cola, of course), and a muddler (thanks Mari) for all that mint and basil. Just as we’ll be using summer’s fruits in […]

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If we had a kitty…

I would make sure she had one of these (via Design Milk).


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