Friday, Flip Clocks

Happy Friday, friends!

NexTime Flip Clock

Checking out sales this morning I found Emmo Home has NexTime’s flip clock on sale, and I thought I’d share, though it’s still a bit $$$. No longer $200, it’s now $138. In the meantime, a cheaper [read:free] flip clock can be found here. Besides the flipping sound’s general appeal, flip clocks remind me of being in Italy. Check out Andy Lepki’s photography to see what I mean (this picture and this other one specifically).

Enjoy your weekend!

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One comment on “Friday, Flip Clocks”

  1. tivogirl 8 November, 2009 at 8:38 am

    that is really cool. costco in maple grove has a projection clock. It beams the time up on your wall…