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Can you make good pizza in an hour?

It’s the kind of claim I’d normally dismiss out of hand: a from-scratch Neapolitan style pie in about one hour, start-to-finish. Everyone knows you need at least an overnight fermentation to get good pizza dough, and two days doesn’t hurt. If it had just been published on some foodie blog I probably wouldn’t have given […]


Homemade Sorbet for the Summer Solstice

In celebration of the official start of summer (and as a result of the horrid levels of heat/humidity in Minneapolis), this weekend we broke out the ice cream maker. As Tom mentioned, we took home a pint of strawberries from the Midtown Farmer’s Market and they were starting to get a little funky after a couple […]

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Can you make great fries with just 6 cups of oil?

Short answer: no. But why even ask the question? Once again, radical claims by  Cook’s Illustrated could not go untested. Cook’s Illustrated #99 had the gall to suggest that one could cook crispy, creamy french fries in just six cups of oil. If six cups of oil sounds like a lot, consider that usually when […]


Cook’s Illustrated #98: The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’m not usually one to make cookies (much to Martha’s dismay), but when Cook’s Illustrated claims to have created “Perfect” chocolate chip cookies, the boast could not be ignored. Cook’s is based on perfecting recipes, but their claims are not usually quite so bold; more along the lines of ‘Ultimate Coq au Vin’, ‘Perfecting Berry […]


Cook’s Illustrated #67 Spinach Lasagna

Martha makes SPINACH LASAGNA from an old Cook’s Illustrated magazine (March/April 2004).


Cook’s Illustrated #97: Ciabatta Update

An improvement on my technique for making Cook’s Illustrated’s Ciabatta without a stand mixer.


Cook’s Illustrated #97: Ciabatta

An attempt at Cook’s Illustrated #97’s ciabatta recipe. Pretty good, but kind of a pain.