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Restaurants–Restaurant Alma

Martha and I celebrated our anniversary at Restaurant Alma last month. Alma is well-liked in Minneapolis and I’m not going to add my voice to the chorus by writing a review; suffice it to say that its reputation is deserved. Instead, I’ll just document our meal for your vicarious pleasure. Course One: Parmesan Flan and Bison […]

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Shameless Inaugural Tie-in: Obamaburgers

Inauguration Day was Tuesday and with it the world, particularly the blog world, was predictably awash in Obamania. Witness: a very impressive Obama pizza. And what Inauguration party would be complete without the Baracktail? My humble (and not very timely) addition? Obamaburgers! “Obamaburger” is actually a poor choice of name since these burgers don’t have […]