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Penne with Broccoli and Blue Cheese

Some people have their broccoli-cheese casserole; I have this: penne with blue cheese and broccoli. It’s filled with the same comforting overload of starch and gooey cheese but has an added element of danger provided by tangy blue cheese and generously-applied red pepper flakes. I’ve been making this dish for years – I distinctly remember […]


Shameless Inaugural Tie-in: Obamaburgers

Inauguration Day was Tuesday and with it the world, particularly the blog world, was predictably awash in Obamania. Witness: a very impressive Obama pizza. And what Inauguration party would be complete without the Baracktail? My humble (and not very timely) addition? Obamaburgers! “Obamaburger” is actually a poor choice of name since these burgers don’t have […]