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Le Bun, a testimonial

Conventional wisdom — among burger bloggers at least — is that it’s not worth it to make your own buns. This matches my experience: chalky, crumbly, too chewy, too rich, the list of sins goes on and on. So many broken promises, so many tears. These bitter bun experiences have taught me better than to […]


Focaccia Pizza

My taste in pizza runs strongly to the Neapolitan, and the pizza I make most often at home has a very thin, crisp crust. But I am by no means some kind of Neapolitan absolutist: I keep an open mind about the many styles of pizza in the world. Sometimes I even make a different […]



Since I don’t have to work on the weekend I avoid that nagging pressure to interact with the other humans by baking bread. The rhythm of bread baking is such that it is both leisurely and consuming. The first thing I did in the morning was cover 10 grain hot cereal mix with boiling water […]