Midtown Farmers’ Market: Week 12–Little Vegetables all Grown Up

So many delicious optionsThe last time I went to the Midtown Farmers’ Market, summer was in full swing with a great variety of vegetables, but most of the vegetables were still pretty small: baby beets, tiny zucchini and summer squash with the flowers still on, new potatoes, spring onions, young greens, etc. After three weeks, the same vegetables have gotten bigger: red potatoes the size of two golf balls, baseball-sized onions, large squash and beets, and full-sized, adult lettuces.

There were a few new vegetables available, signalling the arrival of mid-summer: carrots, green and yellow beans and cucumbers. Cucumbers are one of my favorite things about summer–it is amazing how much sweeter and full-flavored they taste in season versus their year-round counterparts, which are just watery.

I also picked up some still young vegetables–radishes and green onions–which must be cultivated and replanted throughout the summer.

This is one of the most exciting times of the year around the market: there is a large enough variety to keep the kitchen well-stocked and interesting for the week and the most exciting vegetables of the year are just around the corner. I heard talk of sweet corn if we can get a little warm weather and the first cherry tomatoes were already in evidence. This time of year can’t be beat for prices either. What might have been $3 at the beginning of the summer, like the beets, can now be had for one. There’s no better time to be at the market!


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2 comments on “Midtown Farmers’ Market: Week 12–Little Vegetables all Grown Up”

  1. Linda Garces 20 July, 2009 at 12:47 pm

    Now this is a lovely, colorful photo of vegetables. Who would not want to eat them?

  2. Tom 20 July, 2009 at 12:50 pm

    Yes, it is an exciting time to be at the farmers’ market—so many beautiful vegetables just begging to be eaten!

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