From suitcase to kitchen

Some of the best souvenirs are things that you’ll actually use. I’m not saying I don’t buy good-for-nothing-but-being-pretty type souvenirs. I do. I just think souvenirs that do something make for more active memories. Every time we use these wooden spoons and our new parrilla, we’ll think of Stella–in her insistence on our finding a proper parrilla with just the right grill lines (three grocery stores’ inventories were not worthy of our use); Joaquín who was with us when we found each and who helped bring the prices down; and Cali, Colombia where we found all three at the Galería, an open market with enough fresh fruit, meat, and whatnots to entertain for hours. This morning Tom put the parrilla to use, making the first arepas we’ve had since returning. Stella was right. The blackened grill marks were as they should be.


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One comment on “From suitcase to kitchen”

  1. Linda 22 July, 2009 at 7:04 pm

    The wooden spoon is unique and lovely.

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