Fritatta with Salsa Lisa

As a recovering ovophobe, I am very particular about how I like my eggs. Having spent 21 years of my life actively avoiding any egg not mixed into a sauce, dough or batter, even after I made the decision to start eating eggs I didn’t have much of a taste for them. So far, I have only dared to try scrambled eggs or eggs cooked well done, omelette style (well, more tortilla style). Some day I aspire to fried and poached eggs, but that day is a long way off. Even when eggs are cooked into a browned circle with ingredients I love, I dread the bites that, well, taste like eggs.

My solution? Hot sauce! Tabasco is my usual choice, but recently we had a jar of the Twin Cities’ own Salsa Lisa in the refrigerator . This is the only salsa available here that I think comes close to approaching the Michigan deliciousness of Jack’s. Be careful though, I am told it is only good in the hot variety.

Salsa Lisa

Now doesn’t this frittata look much better?


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