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Midtown Farmers’ Market: Week 9—Old Friends, New Faces

The Midtown Farmers’ Market has settled into that easy summer rhythm where each week there are some new vegetables, some that have been around for a while are gone, but mostly you can buy more of what was good the week before. So while the greens (spinach, kale) are somewhat less abundant (and, consequently, I […]

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Midtown Farmers’ Market: Week 8—Growing Abundance

During a busy but fun weekend I didn’t have time to blog, but I did have time to get  to the Midtown Farmers’ Market: Obviously, this picture was taken at home rather than at the market, but my purchasing was comprehensive enough that I feel it’s a fair representation of what was to be had […]

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Can you make great fries with just 6 cups of oil?

Short answer: no. But why even ask the question? Once again, radical claims by  Cook’s Illustrated could not go untested. Cook’s Illustrated #99 had the gall to suggest that one could cook crispy, creamy french fries in just six cups of oil. If six cups of oil sounds like a lot, consider that usually when […]


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