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The Pleasures of Husmanskost: Rolf’s Kök

If there is one meal that summarizes most of the eating Martha and I did in Sweden, it would have to be the one we ate at Rolf’s Kök (pronounced “shook”), just north of central Stockholm. No fancy restaurant, Rolf’s was one of many restaurants downtown focusing on husmanskost, everyday Swedish cooking. Husmanskost restaurants generally […]


City Bikes, a little Shopping, and Djurgården Sights

On Saturday (August 27 for those following dates), our first full day in Stockholm, Tom and I secured two three-day City Bikes memberships at the front desk of our hotel and headed out for a loop around Södermalm. The mission? To kill time before the shops along Götgatan opened around 10 a.m. City Bikes are similar to […]

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Välkommen till Stockholm

In the days leading up to our trip to Sweden–we left August 25 and returned Labor Day–I started to panic that I had built up Swedishness a little too much in my head. I worked at the American Swedish Institute for a year when Tom and I first moved to Minneapolis, so I know my […]