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savory oatmeal with grated cheese, sliced scallions, and paprika sprinkled on top

Savory oatmeal, where have you been all my life?

The word ‘oatmeal’ technically just refers to dried oats – be they steel-cut, rolled or quick – or a porridge made thereof. Long habit and family tradition, though, conjure up a whole dish for me: oats cooked soft, mixed with raisins and milk and generously sprinkled with brown sugar – you know you’ve got enough when […]


Momofuku-Style Pork Buns

Why is it always the smallest dishes that require the most work? Take these two-bite-sized steamed buns: for all the time I spent making them, I probably could have barbecued a whole cow. Twice. The work began two weeks ago when I started my kim chi, the Korean fermented cabbage pickle. Beyond ingredients I had […]