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An Art Shanty Afternoon

We visited the Art Shanty Projects at Medicine Lake this afternoon with Hailey. Despite the rain and perhaps because today is the WARMEST DAY OF THE YEAR at thirty-six degrees, we enjoyed our first visit to the shanties. Having come prepared (thanks to Mel) with art to share, all three of us exchanged art at […]


Aesthetic Apparatus Poster Sale

Get ’em while they’re cheeeeeeeeeep. I’m working from 10—7pm on Friday so I’ll probably miss this, but I thought I’d share. Note that the sale is NOT available at Aesthetic Apparatus’ online store, only on Snelling. Image: theapparatus

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Laying out a gallery wall

About 10 minutes ago I was going to write about my first adventure in laying out a gallery wall (I suppose this handful of sentences somewhat counts). I bought a number of Ribba frames from IKEA to go with one I already had and used the papers inside to test possible layouts on our bedroom […]

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Posterhänger by Jørgen Møller

On Monday I ordered another PosterHänger, a product that makes for a great cheap (!) frame for just about any sized work on paper. Designed by Jørgen Møller, they range from 12 to 72″ in length. I just ordered a 72″ for Tom’s world map (which is about 69″ wide) that I’ll soon be hanging in our bedroom […]

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