Bun day

Buns using Wordloaf’s Shokupain de mie recipe. Pulled pork coming!

Update: pulled pork

(Still working on focus here!)


Update 3! Worth adding some notes:

  • The burger buns were 150g, which makes a large bun. That’s what I wanted for pulled pork, but it would be pretty big for a hamburger
  • The hot dog buns ended up around 140g only because I was making 3 out of however much dough was left. This is too much for a small hot dog; they ended up being pretty bready.
  • I only decided to make this a few minutes after pouring boiling water in the French press to make coffee. Adding recently boiled water to the glutinous rice flour for the yudane did not cause it to gelatinize immediately. I had to microwave it for a couple minutes. The other time I made this recipe, fresh boiling water did thicken the rice flour immediately.

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