Brommie goes Garage Sale-ing

a Brompton folding bicycle with a table in its carry basket

With a day off ahead of me this morning, I decided I’d take a ride down to Minnehaha Falls before Minneapolis hit 90ºF. I had almost reached Minnehaha Park when I came upon an unattended yard sale. I strayed from the path to take a look at the few items on offer, one of them being a small, three-legged table–a class of tables for which I have an unusually strong attraction.

brommie goes to the garage saleI liked the table, but without the homeowner to talk to, there wasn’t any way to have him or her hang on to it for me until I could return with the car. A sign read “SALE. Please place money in the mail box.” I was disappointed to read it and realize there was really no one there. But then, I haven’t touched my car since last Saturday, so why use it now? The table was pretty lightweight. How much was this table, anyway? A dollar, it turns out. AND, I had a dollar. How was I supposed to pass up a $1 table? Maybe it could fit in my basket? Yes. Of course it fit in my basket. Everyone knows a Brompton fits anywhere, but as it turns out you can also fit just about anything in a Brompton. Expand that a little bit and you’ll have a new version of my father’s oft repeated, “Everything fits in a Volkswagen.” Here’s proof that just like we don’t need to burn gas to get to work, go to the store, or get to the farmers market, you don’t need a car to go trash picking garage sale-ing.

So I didn’t make it to Minnehaha Falls, but I did I make it all the way home without a hitch and even got a salute from the Flanders team for my nice ride and nice furniture.


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3 comments on “Brommie goes Garage Sale-ing”

  1. Trout Caviar 18 May, 2012 at 3:36 pm

    Excellent. Brava to you and Brommie.

    Y’r pal~ Bucolic Brett

  2. Amy 21 May, 2012 at 11:40 am

    Thanks for the laugh today, Martha–

  3. Marcela 10 June, 2012 at 12:33 pm

    I like how you crossed out “trash picking” and wrote : and wrote “garage sale-ing.” 🙂