7 de julio

chicharrón, beans, rice on a table top

July 7, 2009. This would be our last full day in Cali before heading to Bogotá the following afternoon. We lunched on chicharrón alongside beans, rice, and patacones. In the morning I poked around the house a bit more, taking pictures of favorite details. My uncle Pedro “Perucho,” his wife Marta, and my cousin David came for a late dinner; Tom made grilled pizza (not pictured) on the patio with some difficulty due to varying protein contents in the local flour. Our days in Cali were relaxed; hours filled mostly with people and conversation rather than a need to go anywhere. As I look through the photos from this day and others, I miss being in the family house in Cali: walls hung with artwork from floor to ceiling, dim evening light, a lean out the (screenless) window over a wide sill, the air. The past few mornings in Minneapolis (now July 2011) have had an air that’s left me thinking of Colombia, too.

patacones and chicharrón

many colored spools of thread

hallway and details

plastic miniatures on a ledge

portrait of grandmother and copper pot

two chairs


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