More SweeTango Hype

You’ve no doubt heard about the latest apple innovation from the University of Minnesota: the SweeTango. Hot on the heels of the success of the Honeycrisp variety, the world is abuzz about this apple that promises to out honeycrisp the honeycrisp: a juicy, tart, sweet and crisp apple. I’ve been a big fan of Honeycrisps since I was first introduced to them a few years ago, so I was very interested in trying SweeTango–a cross of Honeycrisp and Zestar. At Kowalski’s on a late-night ice cream run, I saw the big display of apples and, in spite of the stupid name, came home with a couple of SweeTangos.


I cut into the apple with great expectation and was rewarded with a hearty crunching sound as blades pushed through crisp apple flesh. And then the moment of truth: as I bit into the SweeTango, my mouth was filled with sweet juice. Almost immediately, I started to pucker; the substantial acid was kicking in. This apple really has it all: firm crunchy flesh, lots of juice and a perfect balance of honey sweetness and lemony tartness, both flavors in abundance. Martha, not a fan of apple skin, appreciated that the skin on the SweeTango is thick enough to be noticeable but not so chewy as to remain in your mouth after the rest of the apple has been eaten. The flavor is similar to a honeycrisp with its floral character, but is bolder.

This apple is amazing raw; quite possibly the best apple I have ever eaten. I am guessing it would also be great for baking with its balance of sweet and tart and big flavor. Although I’m not in the pocket of Big Apples, I willingly fall in with all the rest of the hype.

SweeTango apples are $3.99/lb. at Kowalski’s, or about $2/apple.


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4 comments on “More SweeTango Hype”

  1. Linda 12 September, 2009 at 2:19 pm

    It’s been nice to share apple varieties with you.

  2. Amy 13 September, 2009 at 7:17 pm

    My mouth was watering, actually, Tom, as I read. I will look for some based on your testimonial.

  3. Tom $pot 18 September, 2009 at 6:32 pm

    Just bought a couple Sweetango apples, ate both, and all the hype is just the unwaxed, unvarnished truth! I tasted and almost watermelon/strawberry hint along with the almost perfect flavors dominant in the honeycrisp, just a little bit closer to heaven. Amazing, and totally worth the $3.69 they charge at hyvee here in Winona, Mn. Now I gotta buy some trees…. anyone know where they sell the trees?

  4. Tom 18 September, 2009 at 11:08 pm

    I remember when Honeycrisps first appeared (I was living in Michigan) it was kind of hard to find them (let alone trees). After a few years they were more ubiquitous. I wonder how long it will take for SweeTango to really take root.