#$@%ing Pepper Grinders

Recently Big Pepper decided it could add value by attaching grinders to jars of whole peppercorns. I guess this is a good thing if it gets people to stop eating pre-ground pepper, but there is a big problem with these new jars for those of us who own (several) pepper grinders. For whatever reason, the grinders are not removable: you can’t get to the whole peppercorns inside the jar. They just sit there, mocking you. Until now.

For this hack, you’ll need a sharp knife and some pliers… use the knife to cut all the little plastic arms holding the central grinder piece in place and use the pliers to rip out the center, as violently as possible. I was so satisfied when I defeated this nefarious contraption that I immediately filled all our pepper grinders.

Just one small victory in the war against the pepper industry fat cats who think they know what’s best.

Pepper Grinder Surgery

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One comment on “#$@%ing Pepper Grinders”

  1. johnny 13 May, 2009 at 1:13 pm

    ha! I’ve done that more than once.

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