Tea Box

a yellow box full of tea bags in paper packages

Around 10 boxes formerly part-filled with tea are now flattened and in the recycling thanks to this handy yellow file drawer. Originally purchased for our wedding in September, this box from Hindsvik‘s shop has been sitting around my office with nothing in it ever since it arrived as a part of a package from Michigan back in October. Not sure what I would do with it in the apartment, I brought it home on Friday to see if it might be of some use. Less than 24-hours later, this old file box has a new calling.

Tom and I have been dreaming of a tea box for a while now, since it always seems like we have at least one million boxes of tea each with 2 tea bags inside, all of which tend to topple to the floor every time we open the tea cupboard’s door.

Online searches for a tea box turned up a few, but most of them (according to reviews) don’t actually fit the average teabag inside. After coming up dry on the web, I considered making a teabox myself from wood. That thought didn’t last long due to my wood working experience and lack of equipment.

Zero effort required, not only does this box fit perfectly in our tea cupboard, it is also–unlike the aforementioned actual tea storage boxes–the exact right height for tea bags:

packets of tea in a yellow box

If you’re interested in a box of your own, Hindsvik still has a few metal numbered drawers available.


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4 comments on “Tea Box”

  1. Linda 8 January, 2011 at 5:50 pm

    Your teas look beautiful in the yellow drawer. I really like it. Excellent use of a piece you already owned and needed to find its usefulness.

  2. Kate Sommers 10 January, 2011 at 9:11 am

    I am so in need of something like this. SO MANY TEA BOXES,
    actually take up the majority of the very little dry good storage
    we have in our monsterous kitchen. And the colorful boxes will fit
    right in when we remodel (February). I’m glad they still have a few

  3. Amy 10 January, 2011 at 1:50 pm

    A practical yellow ‘green’ solution–your appreciation of color never fails to hook me, Martha, and the reuse–perfect.

  4. Martha 10 January, 2011 at 2:10 pm

    Hope you have a chance to grab one, Kate. I believe you can choose your color if you convo Daniel or Valeria on Etsy.