Red Hot Shop at – some digging required.

I just found out about a segment of called the Red Hot Shop (via shelterrific). It turns out this is a great feature from Target… but it’s actually impossible to find on their website without knowing exactly where to look. See below if you’d like to know how to find it. Now! To the important bits. These are some of the treasures in the Red Hot Shop.

Star mug, side viewStar mug, top view

Some controversy about this Star mug… apparently in the description it says this is a “set of four,” but it’s actually not. They should probably fix that.

Paint your own birdhouseBird pillow

This paint-your-own birdhouse is by Sassafras. When we were growing up there was a Sassafras outlet 45 minutes from where I lived, and I remember having some pretty awesome primary-colored pencil cases from there. I like the colors in this bird pillow, but it’s another of those items that takes a very special place for it to fit right (meaning: I like it but I would be tempted to majorly redecorate around it if I owned it). It seems like non-standard shaped pillows are quite the trend at the moment.

Blu Dot chair in RedBlu Dot chair in blue

Maybe I just haven’t been to their website enough, but I’m really impressed with the number of cool chairs on right now, including these two by Blu Dot. There are a number of knock-offs of older designs featured in the Retro Dining Room Chairs section. That is, if you scroll past the (way too many) vinyl diner chairs.

Back to why Target’s web site is messed up: First of all, the Red Hot Shop is not mentioned anywhere on the home page or in any of the various lists on that page (read on for the one tiny exception). Searching “red hot” in the search field yields zero relevant results, but typing in “red hot shop” automatically redirects you to the Red Hot Shop. Again, you have to know about it to find it. Another way to get there is by using the top navigation bar, mousing over “see all” on the far right, and selecting “Red Hot Shop.” If drop menus are not your friend, click on “see all” instead and then click through to the Red Hot Shop. That was it, the one exception.

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